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Yoga Classes
"It is because of the intimate relationship between mind and body, and the existence of special physiological centres within our body, that physical yoga exercises and the application of special meditative techniques aimed at training the mind can have positive effects on health"
- His Holiness
   the Dalai Lama


with Fran Rowley, Delphine Shea, Judy Hawkesly & Mo Ramsey

Monday 28 April to Thursday 3 July

The HMT yoga classes run in a 10 week term. All levels are welcome.

Registrations are taken for the term (and you get a discount for paying at the start of term!) or you can pay on a casual class-by class basis.

Please contact the office on 9791 9798 for enquiries and


Term Fee (10 wks): $140 non-members ($120 members)

$100 1 hour class OR

Class Fee: $16 non-members (casual basis)

Mondays, 10 - 11 am, 28 April to Monday 30 June

Course Fee: $10 per session

T’ai Chi is a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation, balance and health. It involves a series of gentle, graceful movements designed to exercise the body and clear the mind.

People of all ages and fitness levels can practice T’ai Chi.

SPECIAL! Free introductory T’ai Chi class Monday 7 April.

Come along and have a go!

T’ai Chi - New time and day!